The "International Association of Paremiology", hereinafter "AIP-IAP" is a non-profit cultural organization governed by Portuguese law.

The AIP-IAP, established for an indeterminate, is characterized by its cultural nature and is separate from any political or regilious ideology. Its purposes are as follows:

  • to promote activities in the area of paremiology internationally;
  • to organize a series of international conferences that occur at adequate intervals and are held in appropriate locations to value the cultural paremiological heitage;
  • to publish an annual newsletter - ADAGIUM - on the state of paremiological research internationally;
  • to facilitate the exchange and diffusion of paremiological information and related areas through the stablishement of international network-based information systems;
  • to encorage international cooperation between academics and associations working in paremiology and related scientific areas;
  • to motivate young researchers to conduct paremiological studies with the purpose of defending and preserving the cultural heritage of the countries of which they are citizens;
  • to stablish official education programs nationally and intenationally in the public and private sectos aiming at the transmission of paremiological culture;
  • the language of international communication for the realization of the purposes of the "AIP-IAP" is the English language. Certain contributions such as presentations at conferences and the publication of research and other projects in the newsletter can be conducted in any other language, provide that these contributions are accompanied by a summary in Portuguese and English.


Download the full Constitution document.





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